Friday, November 27, 2009

Harley History

Harley has become a legend and a symbol of the American dream, with a wide array of motorcycles, accessories and even clothing and racing line.

In 1901, When William Harley was aged 21 years, he created a bicycle engine and then with his friend, Arthur davidson assembled and sold a racing motorcycle.

Harley Davidson is a combination of the last name William Harley and Arthur Davidson.

In Milwauke, they set up the Harley Davidson Motor Company

When one of the Harley motorcycle won a Chicago race, the motorcycle brands name first caught the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts.

With this,Several Other racing victories was followed until it has been placed in the map of the consciousness of motorcycle enthusiasts and the motorcycle industry.

In 1983, Harley davidson motorcycles were such a hit among motorcycle users resulting to the formation of the worlds largest factory sponsored motorcycle club.

H.O.G more populary known as the Harley Owners Group, Which attracted over 90,000 member six year after HOG was formed. With the New York Stok Exchange it is listed and registered.

And now, H.O.G members has over ane million and is still growing.

In the United States, Harley Davidson is considered the largest motorcycle making company.

Harley is a Fortune 500 company, with $6 billion estimated revenues annually.

From the harley davidson logo licensing at least 5 of the motorcycle market.

The Buell Motorcycle Company which became a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2003, is Harley Davidson subsidiary companies among them

Harley has appointed an authorized distributor in China last 2006 and is now widely also available in Asia.

In August 2008, the Italian motorcycle company, MV Agusta, is also owned by Harley after its purchase

Distinctive roar, design and heavy customization that paved the way for the chopper-style look are what make the Harley motorcycles popular.

Harley is ideal for highway cruising, because Harley is known for their heavyweight motorcycles with over 750 cc engine displacement

Harleys are most of the motorcycle fleets of the US police forces.

In 1903, the first ever Harley motorcycle with a 7.07 cubic-inch displacement was sold.

And now, Harley motorcycles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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