Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remote control helicopter model Q & A - Getting Started articles

Q: Do not know what the helicopter is right for me getting started?
A: Getting Started to learn the best choice is coaxial the sculls structure helicopter, since the stability of this structure is the best, slow flight speed, and called a helicopter trainer! Such as the trex 250. You can also purchase a traditional main rotor + tail rotor structure level models, flying faster, wider airspace, but to choose a better product since the stability Such as Trex 450 helicopter.

Q: How far the model helicopters can fly how high?
A: the higher the altitude, the air density is lower, so the helicopter's flight altitude is generally much lower than fixed-wing aircraft, even if it is has been far greater than our visual control of distance and remote distance, so you can so that in terms of The aircraft flight altitude and flight distance is determined by the safety of remote control devices remote control distance and visual distance. The general shape are very small aircraft flight altitude can reach more than 20 meters (about 5-6 floors).

Q: How long the model helicopter flying in the air?
A: The time of flight (flying time) how much depends on the power system. For example: motor power size electric helicopters and carry the battery voltage and capacity, oil moving helicopter used in engine displacement, and carrying the fuel volume. Either electric or oil moving to recharge or refuel after the blank time in about 10-20 minutes. First, the energy weight restrictions, and the second is also taking into account to avoid a long time to frustrate the spirit of a high concentration of transition fatigue caused by the manipulation mistakes.

Q: Why is the helicopter so difficult to fly, no so good to fly?
A: The main two reasons:
1. Since the stability of the helicopter can not be compared with the fixed-wing aircraft. In addition to the coaxial sculls structure of the helicopter, there is no any one of the helicopters can be done a long time does not control the state of stability of floating in the air (usually within 10-20 seconds will lose balance and fall to the ground), so must at all times maintain the spirit of a high concentration of control!

2.As a beginner at the beginning has not been formed in the brain to control the direction of a conditioned reflex, so often in the aircraft in the instruction of some kind of flight attitude, by the transmitter to give the aircraft the wrong action, and even the brain is a blank aircraft do not give and manipulators enough time to correction, caused by plunging to the ground! As long as the correct practice after easily manipulated! At an early stage can make use of a computer simulator to complete the exercises.

Q: Why is the helicopter took off to the left, or elsewhere, offset, rather than a straight take-off?
A: The gyroscopic effect and the main rotor downwash airflow, so the general helicopter takeoff tilted to the left is normal! Slightly to the right aileron control lever (right hand horizontal lever), but not the aileron and fine-tuning after the observed stable hover around the body sway and then adjust the aileron trim. If the offset to the other direction can be corrected by fine-tuning on the ground.

Q: What is the hover, and why to practice hovering?
A: hover charm of a helicopter-specific flight mode as well as helicopters flying! As the name suggests is the helicopter almost stationary in the air of a particular height, which can complete the impossible task of ordinary fixed-wing aircraft. For the start of the beginning of friends must be from the practice of hovering flight, the helicopter takeoff, landing, and other flight maneuvers start and end first into the hovering state. So hover on the basis of practice courses for helicopter flight!

Q: What is the ordinary swashplate control mode? What is CCPM swashplate control mode? They What is the difference?
A: in normal mode swashplate control mode, the aileron action only by the aileron servo, lifting the action only by the elevator machine pitch changes also completed only by the pitch servos, 3 servos each his duties. CCPM mode swashplate control mode, the swash plate to an action by the three servos at the same time the action is completed. Such as changes in pitch 3 servos at the same time sliding the puck up and down movement of the aileron action by the aileron and pitch servos at the same time a push to a pull to complete the action of lifting the elevator machine and the ailerons and paddle away from the steering gear completion of a push a pull-up completed. View from above the difference, compare the difference between the normal mode on a single steering gear torque requirements are relatively high, because a single action only one steering gear output, while the CCPM any single action of at least two steering gear output, so the rudder machine's torque requirements are lower. However, the higher of CCPM Servo consistency of performance requirements, stroke and speed of the steering gear should be as much as possible, otherwise it will create action deformation, such as pitch change 3 Servo Ibid same, if the trip is not the same. will result in injustice, of the different pitch swashplate tilt. If the speed is not the same, the same will result in the injustice of the puck in the pitch change! Not feel any difference between flight performance for beginners device lightweight electric helicopter, CCPM has the advantage on the weight and movement of forces, so if 3D flight CCPM will reflect a distinct advantage ! The ordinary flight CCPM also more stable performance.

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