Friday, August 7, 2009

Bmw Diesel Engine Most Demand Able And Most Revolutionized Diesel Technology

BMW Diesel Engine: Most Demand Able And Most Revolutionized Diesel Technology

BMW is mostly well-liked and wide speared cachet. There are lots of productions of BMW Company. Approximately, there has up to seven series of production of coupe. All of the series of BMW produces various kinds of models. Different types of engine are utilized for the different model. Several types of diesel engine are used for the every series of BMW coupe. BMW diesel engines are dynamic, efficient and clean. In 1983 inline six - cylinder BMW diesel engine is produced with more effective features and shapes. In this time 524td diesel car was published in various market of the world which gives us more speed. First digital diesel electronic engine was established in 1987 with dynamic power.

After a few years the BMW diesel with oxidation CAT coupe is also introduced in the marketplace. In 1998, direct injection (DI) technology is initiated with advanced features. This technology is used for the BMW 320d coupe for getting the 24 hours of numberings. After one year the V8 diesel engine with direct injection within the premium car segment is launched. The second generation of DI is also launched in 2001 with common rail features. To getting the modern advancement, in 2004, the variable twin turbo diesel engine is initiated.

The model of BMW -118d, 120d, 318d, 320d, 320cd, 520d and X3 2.0d use four cylinder type diesel engine. Other side BMW -330d, 330cd, 330xd, 525d, 530d, 530xd , 535d , 730d, X3 3.0d and X5 3.0d model are used the six cylinder type diesel engine. Only the model of BMW 745d is used 8- Cylinder type diesel engine. The six cylinder diesel engine is produced the power of 85kw and 210Nm of torque in 1983s models of BMW. 105kw of power and 260Nm of torque is produced 1991s diesel engine, 1n 1998, the capacity of power and torque are extended according the models of BMW.

The engine capacity to produced of power is 135kw and torque is 410Nm. In 2002, the power of 160kw and torque of 500Nm is fabricated in various models of coupe; the highest power and torque are created in 2004s diesel engine approximately 200kw and 560Nm respectively. For the 4- cylinder the engine displacement is 2.0 and for six and eight cylinder, it is 2.5/3.0 and 4.4 respectively. The main features of the diesel engine are relaxed cruising, torque on demand and good NVH due to low engine speed. The fuel consumption of the diesel engine is very low than the petrol cars.

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