Monday, April 13, 2009

New Honda Cars in India

Japanese auto major Honda Motors has earned wonderful recognition in all over the world by offering luxurious cars, developed with advanced technology and blessed with plenty of features. The auto giant offers its expeditious service in all over the world and usefully established its manufacturing plants in different parts of the world to boost up its production capacity to meet the market demand. Today Honda car became a common choice for car lovers for offering outstanding performance and great reliability. The automobile company also grabbed an important place in the Indian market by launching several luxurious hatchbacks with innovative design and features. It came with new hatchbacks in 2011 with highly efficient engine and majestic looks. Here is a sneak peak review of all new cars launched by Honda motors.

Honda Brio, it is unveiled recently by the automobile company at affordable price and lots of features. It is a B segment car that is developed to lure middle class income group in South Asian market and became highly popular in Indian car market. The hatchback is powered by L12B i-VTEC gasoline engine with 5-speed manual gearbox and 4-Cyl and offers wonderful performance. It is available at the price range of 3.95 lakh to 5.1 lakh and capable of pumping out a peak power 88bhp and a max torque of 109 Nm. Honda Brio witnessed outstanding performance in India and registered much satisfactory sales figure.

The automobile company manufactures Honda Brio at its Indian manufacturing plant, located in Greater Noida to meet the demand of domestic car market. It has created great impression on car lovers by its extraordinary looks and wonderful performance.

Honda CR-Z, it is other example of new Honda cars that was unveiled in 2010 in the Indian car market. Its first exciting glimpse was unveiled at Los Angeles at Auto Motors Show. After that it was introduced in 2010 at North American International Auto Show, took place in Detroit. It is developed in sporty looks and packed in with 1.5 LEA 141, SOHC engine with 1496 cc engine displacement and capable of churning out a peak power of 14 HP at the rate of 1500 rpm and max torque of 79 Nm. Besides that it offers better acceleration and capable of covering total distance of 0-60 mph within 10.5 seconds.

Above listed cars are becoming the most popular hatchbacks in India and successfully attracted Indian buyers by offering everlasting experience of driving. If you are planning to buy new Honda cars it is certainly a good idea as it Honda cars are known for great reliability and adopting quite innovative looks. Besides, purchasing Honda cars is often regarded as the best deals and the fact is accepted by a large number of car lovers.

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