Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Motorbikes for Women

Everyone knows that riding a motorbike is real fun. This excitement can be experienced by anyone who loves speed and knows to ride a motorbike. Traditionally, there's a misconception that motorcycles can be ridden only by men and not women. However, if you happen to go on the road today, you will be surprised to see that even women are opting to ride motorbikes. As sport bikes and cruisers are becoming lighter and easier to ride, more women are thinking of riding as a hobby. However, when it comes to choosing a good motorcycle, you need to think of some specifications. Let us take a look at what all needs to be considered while choosing motorcycles for women.

Choosing Motorbikes for Women

It is well understood that women being physically less stronger than men would require motorbikes of their size and capability. Typically, there are three categories of motorcycles that women can choose from; namely cruiser, dirt bikes, and sport bikes. A majority of women prefer to go in for cruisers and not for any other types. The reason being the comfort and ease that they get in riding cruisers.

Sportbikes for women can be preferred by a small class, just for enjoying the adrenaline rush of riding these powerful machines on long roads. On the other hand, dirt bikes for women can be chosen by a few who like to perform stunts on their motorcycles. When selecting a good motorcycle for a woman, you need to see that she is able to sit comfortably on the seat and her legs easily reach the ground, so that proper balance can be achieved when stationary.

With the physical characteristics of the bike, also see to it that the motorcycle does not have uncontrollable horsepower and CC. Though women may take professional lessons before riding a motorcycle, they might find it difficult to control the acceleration. Motorbikes ranging from 250cc to 600cc are considered most suitable for women riders.

Good Motorbikes for Women

There are some good companies that have come up with light-weight models with moderate acceleration and pickup.

Aprilia RS125
If you are searching for a light, yet stylish sport bike; a Aprilia RS125 is a good choice. It has a 15 bhp and 125cc engine, which is a fair amount of power for novice women riders.

Suzuki SV650
Another good sports motorcycle for women is the Suzuki SV650. This bike has gone through many modifications, but some of the features remain the same such as its 650cc and 72 bhp engine.

Yamaha YZF-R6
This is also another cool bike that can be ridden by women interested in high speeds. It boasts of a 600cc engine and around 122 bhp of power.

Honda CBR600RR
The Honda CBR600RR has a 600cc engine that gives out a power of around 118 bhp. The manufacturer claims its weight to be around 172 kg.

Ducati Monster 696
This is one of the most stylish motorbikes manufactured by Ducati. It brings with it an engine of 696cc and a power of around 80 bhp.

Suzuki GSR600
This Suzuki model is another good-looking bike which has an engine displacement of 600cc and power of around 86 bhp.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
This is a bike which demands the least handling and yet delivers good performance. It has an engine of 250cc and a power of 32 bhp, which is quite decent for women riders.

These are just a few good motorbikes for women. Since the seating height on dirt bikes is more, most women do not prefer to use these bikes. The above mentioned machines really give out a lot of power and women should first practice riding them on slow speeds before speeding on. Remember to always wear motorcycle safety gear before riding.

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