Monday, March 16, 2009

Mopeds And Scooters - Save On Gas!

Save money on gas now with a moped or scooter! There's no other motorized vehicle that competes with mopeds and scooters, when it comes to the cost of ownership, including the low initial investment, the cost of insurance, the maintenance requirements and above all, the money you'd spend on fuel.

A 50cc Moped will travel a long way on a full tank of gas, so imagine how much gas money you will be saving even in one month!

Of course, with a moped scooter under 50cc, you won't be able to travel at breakneck speed, and most of the models may have speed restrictions built into them but with a reasonable max. speed for safety reasons of course. Besides, on many highways, scooters and mopeds are not allowed so you won't have to worry about competing with the speed demons.

For zooming around the streets of larger or small cities and towns, mopeds and scooters are great, and they are a very popular form of transportation, being easy to manoeuver and significantly less expensive when comparing the operation of a car in today's high fuel price economy.

So with today's high price of fuel, isn't it a good idea to better consider a moped or scooter to get you as far as 220 miles on a full tank of gas! And with its small engine and speeds not exceeding 40 miles per hour, perhaps our current energy crisis - caused by natural, political or trading disaster - the versatile fuel economizer moped and scooter will once again quickly became a popular mode of transport.

Not only students but many folk on fixed or low incomes, will love scooters and mopeds, since the fuel consumption of these two-wheeled vehicles are only a fraction of the gas/fuel a car would use. And only a regular license is needed in many states or provinces - but you should check first to make sure what the legal restrictions are.

Vespa, Honda, Yamaha, Wildfire, Piaggio, Aprila, Lambretta, Kymco are just some of the manufacturers of mopeds and scooters to help you save on gas . Whether its a "top line" scooter costing up to $9000, or your basic 50cc scooter moped for under $1000, these fuel economizers can be a lot of fun and an economical mode or transport.

So what is a moped or scooter? A Moped is a class of low-powered two-wheeled upright (under 50cc displacement) motorized vehicle. The rider's back perpendicular to the seat. A scooter is also a style of two-wheeled motor vehicle traditionally defined by characteristics such as a wheels less than a diameter of 16in., an engine located below the rider and to the rear, and a step-through frame, but with under and over 50cc engine displacement.

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